At our sister business, Estetica Piercing Boutique, we offer a full range of body piercing services and stock a selection of beautiful and unusual pieces of jewellery for both fresh and healed piercings.


We are situated inside Estetica Permanent Cosmetics. We use quality implant grade titanium for all fresh piercings.

We only pierce with our own jewellery as this has been individually sealed and sterilised prior to your arrival, for your safety.

All sterilised equipment is opened in front of you so you can be certain that you will get a safe and hygienic piercing.

Fully insured and council licensed

Signed parental consent is required for under 16s

Ear Lobes 1st 2nd or 3rd                                                              £20 each or 2 for £25
Cartilage Piercings:
Helix, Forward Helix, Anti Helix, Snug,
Tragus, Anti Tragus, Conch, Rook, Daith, Flat                            £25
Daith with Heart                                                                             £30
Orbital (2 piercings joined with 1 ring)                                       £35
Includes jewellery change after 3 weeks
Industrial/Scaffold (2 piercings joined by a long bar)              £45
Includes jewellery change after 3 weeks
Triple Helix                                                                                      £65
Plain stud                                                                                        £20
Swarovski crystal stud / Ball Closure Ring                                 £25
Septum                                                                                            £25
Lip Piercings
Monroe, Medusa, Madonna, Labret,
Ashleigh, Lower Lip                                                                       £25
Snakebite/Spiderbite (2 piercings)                                              £45
Eyebrow                                                                                          £20
Belly Button /Lower Navel                                                           £30
Includes double jewelled Swarovski crystal bar
Nipple                                                                                              £35 each 2 for £50
Surface piercings                                                                           £25
Dermal Piercings                                                                           £40 for first one 
each subsequent piercing done in the same session             £35 
Jewellery change (Can take up to 30 minutes)                          £5                  
Stuck for  gift ideas?
Gift vouchers available in clinic
Want a Free Piercing?
Get your loyalty card in clinic and get a stamp with each new piercing. 
Looking for Inspiration?
Our designer ear service can create you a bespoke design to turn you into a beautiful piece of art to suit your style & budget