We provide a range of aesthetic treatments, focusing on natural alternatives rather than injectables.

Alongside our Permanent Makeup, Piercing and existing skin treatments, we are pleased to introduce our latest technology, the 3D Ultimate, which provides Skin Tightening, Fat Freezing, Fat Melt, Cellulite and Circumference Reduction treatments.

The boxes below provide an overview and availability of each our treatments at our locations in Swillington Leeds, Whittle le Woods Chorley  & Boothtown Halifax,  

In depth information on each treatment can be found on the relevant treatment page.

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  • We cover all aspects of semi permanent makeup:

    Permanent eyebrows, Natural hairstroke brows, Ombre brows, combination brows, Eyeliner, Lip tattoo, Cleft Lip tattoo

    Nipple & Areola tattoo.


    We specialise in natural looking results. You can book our treatments online in Leeds, Chorley or Halifax.

    Permanent Makeup

  • We offer all piercings above the waist and retail a stunning range of custom jewellery which can be fitted with our jewellery change service.  

    Piercing is available at our Leeds and Chorley clinics.

    We pride ourselves on being great with your children. As parents we know how to put them at ease. A piercing can be daunting, so make sure you give them the best possible experience.

    Cosmetic Piercing

  • Love handles? Muffin top? Cellulite? Wobbly legs? Bingo wings? Double Chin? Looming holiday or special event and left it too late for the gym?  This is the treatment for you!

    We offer bespoke courses- you select your number of sessions and mix & match your treatments: Fat Freeze, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Fat Melt, Ultrasound Cavitiation and Shockwave Cellulite treatments.

    Or choose from one of our carefully tailored specific courses.Great results, Pain Free, no downtime.

    3D Lipo is currently available at our Leeds  clinic

    3D Lipo Body Contouring

  • Pain free, no downtime! Skin peels are an effective standalone solution to a range of skin complaints such as:

    • Scarring

    • Acne

    • Skin discolouration

    • Lines & Wrinkles

    • Dull, Dry Skin

    • Oily Skin

    Upgrade to a MESOTECH package for ultimate results. Skin Peels are available at our Leeds, Halifax and Chorley clinics.

    Skin Peels

  • An ultimate combo treatment comprising a 40% Mandelic Peel followed by a MESOTECH protocol, delivered by META Therapy. AMESON Skin Medical Series is a high end professional solution for targeted skin improvement. Combining state of the art technology and raw materials the composition is such that it can be used on the face and body via META Therpy, Ultrasound and Electroportation to deal with issues such as fluid retention, cellulite as well as combatting the signs of ageing.

    Available at our Leeds and Chorley clinics


  • An all round regenerative skin treatment which works by activating the living tissues to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. We have 2 options, 1 price! Using the Dermatude range or a MESOTECH ampoule. Leaves you with fresh, glowing skin with a lifted and tightened effect with no downtime. Available at our Leeds and Chorley clinics

    META Therapy

  • Not ready for permanent brows? The branded HD Brows treatment will help you on your way to naturally beautiful eyebrows, whether it's your first brow shape, getting them ready for a special occasion or you are looking to start a regrowth programme.

    The express treatment, undertaken without tint, is suitable for youngsters, pregnant ladies or those with sensitivity to PPD.

     Available in Leeds, Halifax and Chorley 

    A Patch test is required prior to your first appointment.

    HD Brows

  • Mia is our nail expert and does a range of natural overlays, acrylic and gel extensions.

    She uses Gel polishes by Halo and creates bespoke nail art to suit your needs. Estetica Nail Studio is currently situated within our Leeds clinic. Services will be available in Chorley in the summer.




For legal  & safety reasons, some treatments have minimum ages or other restrictions. Please check whether the treatment is suitable for you before booking. Restriction details can be found on individual treatment pages