Which style of permanent brow would suit me?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

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Brows are a personal choice and it's sometimes confusing what your options are. Here's a quick lowdown on some of the popular styles. Each set of brows we create is bespoke in terms of shape, colour and thickness.

Looking for a natural effect which blends in with any existing hairs, or recreate the illusion of hair where there is none?


Hairstroke Brows or Microblading

​Essentially two methods of the same treatment; created either via a manual, handheld tool (Microblade)or digital machine. One technique may be more suited to your skin type / coarseness of your natural hair than the other. Your options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Do you like to wear a powdery effect makeup throughout the full brow? With a gentle bulb area and a nice graduation of shading throughout the brow.


Ombre Brows

This brow is particularly suited to people who have some existing brow hair.

Would you like to have a nice natural looking brow with a hairstroke edges but more volume in the body of the brow?


Fusion / Combination Brows

These are a lovely brow and can be as soft or bold as you like. A full set of hairstrokes are placed through the brow and then shading is built up from the centre - perfect for creating the illusion of density, texture and body.

Do you like a strong made up looking brow which still has a delicate top edge as opposed to a solid block brow?


Sculpture Brows

These are one of my personal favourites - The ultimate power brow! A strong shaded baseline, giving a crisp, sharp shape underneath; the colour gently diffuses through the body of the brow up to the top, where it meets superfine hair strokes. No harsh edges here!

All of our brows are bespoke designed to suit each client- the proportions of your brow are designed to suit the natural proportions of your face and the colour is custom blended to match your natural brow hair or the colour you intend to keep them (for example if you regularly tint your brows or have no existing hair.

I created the illusion of lift to open the eye area as well as enhancing the existing shape
Natural machine hairstroke brows

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All treatments are undertaken by myself from our beautiful purpose built clinic in Leeds.

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