the benefits of permanent cosmetics and Microblading

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

There are many benefits to a permanent cosmetic treatment- ranging from wanting an effortless approach to enhance your brows, eyes or lips to medical reasons eg to camoflage scars, burns or to replace the appearance of hair lost through the natural ageing process, alopecia or chemotherapy.

Whatever your reasons, permanent cosmetics can improve your confidence, which is priceless!

Here are some common reasons why people choose permanent cosmetics:

"I don't have time to do my makeup on a morning"

"By the end of the workday, my eyebrows/lipstick is halfway down my face"

"I like to look good at the gym"

"I'm sick of my eyebrows disappearing when I go swimming"

"I can't see to do my makeup properly"

"My eyebrows are always wonky- this is really annoying when I have a special occasion"!

" I am sensitive to normal makeup"

"I have overplucked or sparse eyebrows which won't grow back"

"I look old"

"I don't like what I see in the mirror on a morning"

"I never go out without doing my brows"

"I have a scar which I am really self conscious about"

"My lips are uneven"

"I want perfectly shaped brows without having to put makeup on every day"

"I have surgical scars that I want to try and camoflage"

"My eyes don't match / I can't do eyeliner"

"I have previous tattoo work that has gone a funny colour / faded"

" I have a medical condition and my hair does not grow"

From a super realistic looking natural brow, through to lip reprofiling, I have a technique to meet your needs.

Using advanced techniques, I implant pigment into the skin to give you effortless results which

last around 12-18 months (some people's lasts MUCH longer, but everyone's skin is different)! When you feel you need a "boost" or "refresh" of colour, I simply top them up- which is done at a reduced price for my existing clients.

Whether you choose from brows, eyes or lips, a treatment consists of:

  • A consultation

  • Colour analysis and brow design followed by the procedure itself

  • Aftercare advice

  • A top up treatment after approximately 4-6 weeks.

Treatments are carried out in a purpose built clinic on the outskirts of Leeds- easily accessible from all major road and rail/bus links.

Finalist in both the UK Micropigmentation Awards and Official Makeup Awards, you can feel safe in the knowledge you will achieve a high quality treatment at a very competitive price.

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