The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Permanent Cosmetics can improve your confidence and be beneficial for many reasons, such as:

"I have a scar which I am really self conscious about"

"My lips are uneven"

"I can't see to do my makeup properly"

"I had a mastectomy and wish I could recreate how my breasts used to look"

"I don't have time to do my makeup on a morning"

"By the end of the workday, my eyebrows/lipstick is halfway down my face"

"I like to look good at the gym"

"I'm sick of my eyebrows disappearing when I go swimming"

"My eyebrows are always wonky- this is really annoying when I have a special occasion"!

" I am sensitive to normal makeup"

"I have over plucked or sparse eyebrows which won't grow back"

"I look old"

"I don't like what I see in the mirror on a morning"

"I never go out without doing my brows"

"I want perfectly shaped brows without having to put makeup on every day"

"I have surgical scars that I want to try and camouflage"

"My eyes don't match / I can't do eyeliner"

"I have previous tattoo work that has gone a funny colour / faded"

" I have a medical condition and my hair does not grow"

The good news is that there is a solution to all of the above, from a super realistic looking natural brow through to lip re profiling, using a variety of techniques.

Treatments last a couple of hours to include consultation and design in the first session, it is relatively relaxing and well worth it!

Results last around 12-18 months (some people's lasts MUCH longer, some shorter; everyone's skin is different)! When you feel you need a "boost" or "refresh" of colour, we simply top it up- which is done at a reduced price for my existing clients.

Whether you choose from brows, eyeliner, lips or paramedical work, a treatment consists of:

  • A welcome pack and consultation

  • Colour analysis and design followed by the procedure itself

  • Aftercare advice

  • A top up treatment after approximately 4-6 weeks.

Treatments are carried out in a purpose built clinic on the outskirts of Leeds- easily accessible from all major road and rail/bus links.

Both as an elite trainer and finalist in both the UK Micropigmentation Awards and Official Makeup Awards, you can feel safe in the knowledge you will achieve a high quality treatment at a very competitive price.

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Helen x