Permanent Makeup Correction, Refresh or Removal? What you need to know

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

By estetica permanent cosmetics, Apr 29 2018 09:01AM

Permanent makeup, whilst termed "permanent", is designed to fade over time so that we can adjust the colour and shape in line with the body's natural ageing process.

The concept is that after the original treatment, the colour is "topped up" approximately every 12-18 months which is a simple one off appointment. This is termed a "refresh" or "annual colour boost".

In some cases, further work is required. We get requests from numerous clients who have had work done elsewhere who are unhappy/want to alter their results.

"Corrective" work may be requested for various reasons, for example:

"My brows have gone a funny colour"

"I have previous work and I don't like the shape/colour"

"I'd like nice, natural looking brows and I currently have a block brow".

If it is recent work, or the treatment is not yet complete (permanent cosmetics is a 2 stage treatment)- we will always recommend contacting your original technician in the first instance to see how they can help.

Before taking on any other technician's work, we will request images of your existing work so that we can establish whether or not we feel we can give you a good result; explaining the best options to get you to where you want to be.

Working with existing tattoo is more complex than starting with fresh skin and some shapes/colours can't be worked with! For example black tattoo ink will not cover with permanent makeup.

In some cases we can tattoo as normal, but may be restricted by what's already there (the existing shape)

The majority of the time rather than correction, the brows have just aged and the client would like a refreshed colour or more natural looking style than they have achieved in the past.

Conversely, a few stages may be required prior to your treatment. This may be required where the skin is saturated with pigment or the shape is undesirable. This may involve either saline solution removal or laser removal.

Laser in itself can be a scary thought- especially if you don't know the ins and outs. There are lots of different lasers on the market- some of which are for specific reasons eg hair removal, or tattoo removal; even within the range of tattoo removal equipment, certain lasers are more effective than others in removing certain colors.

For clients requiring laser removal, we have teamed up with an expert, who provides a very reasonable rate for our customers.

How does laser removal work?

Usually, 2 sessions are required. Each person's brows are unique!

Using a needlepoint accurate handpiece, the areas of tattoo which require removal are targeted. This may be a whole brow or just small areas. It will look immediately lighter and will then darken over the next few days as the moisture leaves the lasered area of skin. It will then lighten every day for a period of 30 days, after which the process is repeated.

Saline removal is another option, however its effectiveness is variable.

If corrective work or moving technician is something you are considering- feel free to drop me an email with some pictures of your existing work; from there we can arrange a free consultation to understand your goals and provide advice on your options.

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Helen Batty MBE Estetica Permanent Cosmetics, Leeds