Not sure about the style which would suit you?

Have a look at my Blog which describes the different options available

All treatments include your consultation, main treatment, aftercare and a top up session where required, between 4-12 weeks later.

Microblading or Machine Hairstroke Brows £295

Ombre Brows £350

Fusion Brows £350

Sculpture Brows £350

Annual colour boost 6-11 months £125 12-18 months £175

19-24 months £225 24 months+ full price


Corrective work £350+

Time & price varies dependent on the amount of work that needs doing.

If you have previous work that you either want refreshing or correcting, I always ask that you send me a picture of your brows and describe how you would like them to look / what you would like to change so I I can determine whether I can give you a quality treatment and the action required to reach your desired outcome.


From an invisible liner for a subtle everyday look, through to a latino or smoky liner- there's a style and colour to suit you!

Invisible liner/ Lash enhancement top & bottom £295

Top only £250 Bottom only £150 

Subtle liner (onto the eyelid) liquid, smoky £325 - includes complimentary bottom liner if required

Thick shaded liner or thick latino £395- includes complimentary bottom liner if required

Annual colour boost £175 for 1st session, £60 for any subsequent sessions


Permanent Makeup can be used not only to provide colour, but also to give definition to lips which have either lost their colour or edge due to the ageing process. It can also be used to improve symmetry.

I can use a variety of different shading techniques to give you everything from a full lip colour to a natural blush, liner or appearance of more volume.

Invisible lip line & blush £325

Fusion lip £350

Shape correction & blush £350

Full lip colour £395

Ombre lips £395

Cleft Lip reconstruction £395

Annual colour boost £175 1st session and £60 for subsequent sessions


Nipple & Areola reconstruction treatments are available- whether you have existing areola which are uneven, or pale , have surgical scarring you'd like to diffuse or have no existing nipple & areola, I can create a 3d natural looking result.

If you are considering undergoing a mastectomy and would like some helpful tips on what you can do to get the most aesthetically pleasing results post treatment, get in touch for a free consultation.