We have been finalists in the UK Micropigmentation Awards for the last 3 consecutive years, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Our permanent makeup treatments are undertaken at our purpose built clinics in Leeds and Chorley.

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Machine brows
Machine brows

Natural machine hairstroke brows

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Unsure about which style of brow would suit you?

Have a look at my Blog which describes the different options available. We offer all styles of permanent brows and Microblading in Chorley, Leeds and Halifax


Permanent lip colouring is an effective treatment and is used for many reasons:

To re-profile and improve symmetry

To restore the natural colour and shape lost through the age related receding process

To provide better definition

To give a smudge free solution to lipstick

As the pigment lies beneath the lip tissue, you can wear any shade of lipstick over the top if you fancy a change

Permanent lip tattoo is available in our Chorley, Leeds and Halifax clinics


Permanent eyeliner is an ideal solution whether you struggle to see to do your makeup, or just want to get up and go. 

The placement of the liner can be used to open up, elongate or close down the eye to give you the best possible shape. Colours can be custom blended.


From s subtle everyday lash enhancement to a full shaded or latino liner, we can create the look you want. As the pigment lies beneath the tissue, you can wear liner over the top if you want a bolder look.

We offer permanent eyeliner in our Chorley, Leeds and Halifax clinics


Nipple & Areola reconstruction treatments are available, whether you have:

Existing areola which are uneven or pale

Have surgical scarring you'd like to diffuse

Have no existing nipple & areola,


Using advanced techniques, we can create  3D natural looking results.


If you are considering undergoing a mastectomy or breast revision and would like some helpful tips on what you can do to get the most aesthetically pleasing results post treatment, please get in touch for a free consultation.

Corrective Work
If you are looking for inspiration, our Instagram page has lots of images to browse through. You can access it via the Instagram logo at the top of the page
If you have previous work that you either want refreshing or correcting, we need to see some images of your existing work and describe how you would like them to look / what you would like to change so we can determine whether a procedure is suitable for you or whether a different approach eg laser removal is required first.
It is illegal to perform permanent makeup treatments for anyone under the age of 18, under any circumstances.
We are unable to perform a permanent makeup treatment if you are currently pregnant, breast feeding or taking blood thinning medication.