Dermatude META Therapy
The "Facelift Alternative"


This 100% natural innovative microneedling treatment helps to rewind and re programme your body's cells to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing and slow down their development. It works by creating thousands of microperforations in the skin's surface. As a result, your body produces collagen and elastin. In addition, your body's lymphatic system will be kick started, helping to flush away any toxins.

The active ingredients introduced during the treatment penetrate the active cells, rather than sitting on top of your skin, as with a regular facial treatment/cosmetic product.


Unlike similar treatments like the Dermaroller, this treatment goes a consistent depth into your skin to achieve maximum benefit without causing unnecessary trauma.


Results are beautiful, youthful looking glowing skin.


The concept is best used in conjunction with a cosmaceutical product from the range to suit your particular objectives:



Lifting and Firming

Treatments last approximately 1 hour

Face & 15 minute mask £95

Face & Neck with face mask £105

Face & Neck with face & neck mask £115

Face, Neck & Declotte with face mask £115

Face, neck & declotte with face & neck mask £125

**Complimentary hand massage with all treatments**

Dermatude Courses

Course of 6,

Paid upfront- Save 5% on the above prices 

Course of 10,

Paid upfront- Save 10% on the above prices