A 100% natural, innovative non surgical treatment to re programme the body's cells to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing.  It works by introducing active ingredients into the living tissue, rather than sitting on the surface as with a "regular" facial.

As a result, your body supercharges its production of collagen and elastin, whilst kick starting the lymphatic system to flush away toxins - creating plumper, firmer, tighter and re-texturisised skin.

We have two options, using the Dermatude concept or a Mesotech Range ampoule

What is META Therapy Used For  ?

As an anti ageing & skin rejuvenation treatment which promotes healing and skin improvement from the inside out.

It is suitable for use on the whole face, neck and decolleté as well as targeted treatments of specific lines and wrinkles.

Meta Therapy can be used to help the appearance of:

  • Dull, Dehydrated or Dry skin

  • Unbalanced / Combination skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Age Spots

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Dark circles

  • Loss of firmness

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Enlarged pores

  • Oily Skin

  • Acne Scarring


Due to the safety measures built into the device, it can be used right under and around the eyes, where injectable treatments are more risky. It only penetrates the skin enough to create a natural response and does not create any residual tissue damage.


The method of META Therapy is used to introduce the MESOTECH ampoule into the skin, to deliver scientifically proven results. This intensive facial machine pentrates up to 0.5mm into the epidermis; where cells are stimulated and flood the skin with collagen and elastin.


There are 9 facial ampoules to choose from; we will select the one most appropriate to your needs.

 HYAL 1%    HYAL 2%    HYAL 3.5%     AA2G 20%     REJUVIN




Sessions Recommended: 6 or 10

Treatment Repetition: Once per week for two sessions. Once per fortnight for 2 sessions then monthly


Maintenance: Once Per Month



For dehydrated skin, fine wrinkles, loss of firmness & skin volume or dull skin.

Tightens, smooths & hydrates to leave a glowing complexion. Significantly increases the skins water content whilst reducing irritation and negative environmental effects on the skin.

A Hyaluronic Acid of biotechnological origin, this medium molecular weight has a wide ranging effect on the skin. It creates a "Hyaluronic acid film" on the epidermis, reducing transdermal water loss thus hydrating the horny layer.


Single treatments are also available if you have a special occasion or for maintenance.


We can recommend a suitable product(s) if you'd like to maximise the effects of your new skincare regime at home, using the Juliette Armand range.

These have been especially developed to assist in the improvement of your skin, whether it be intense hydration, reducing pigmentation or an antimicrobial astringent effect which lowers the skins natural sebum production.


All  products are cruelty free and contain no parabens. 


The Dermatude concept is a holistic approach, involving in clinic treatments and a cosmaceutical homecare range. Each range contains scientifically developed active ingredients so you will see visible results right from your first treatment. The effect continues to amplify with each session, leaving you with noticeably brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.





Sessions Recommended: 6 or 10

Treatment Repetition: Once per week for two sessions. Once per fortnight for 2 sessions then monthly


Maintenance: Once Per Month

You will receive a complimentary homecare set when you purchase your course so that you can see which products you love. You can purchase full size retail products at any time.


There are four sets in the range and we will establish your ideal set at your initial consultataion:

All  products are cruelty free and contain no parabens. 

(See slide show for details of each range)

Single treatments are also available if you have a special occasion or for maintenance.






Q. Is META Therapy a safe treatment?

A. Yes. Unlike similar treatments like the Dermaroller, our META Therapy delivery device has a flexi sprung head which moves to the contours of your face and penetrates a consistent depth into your skin to achieve maximum benefit without causing unnecessary trauma. It penetrates to a maximum depth of 0.5mm, which is enough to create you body's natural response but not to cause potential sub epidermal unevenness/scarring.

The cartridges are sterile wrapped, single use and disposable. Treatments are undertaken in a clinically hygienic setting and the technician wears gloves and a face mask during your treatment.

Q. Can I just use my regular products with this treatment?

A. This is not recommended. It is likely that your existing homecare range is not having the desired effect if you are seeking treatment.

In addition, the products used in clinic have been specifically designed to be safe for use straight after treatment  on "open" skin. The products contain concentrated active ingredients to help resolve your skin complaints. It is recommended to use the relevant home care product to get optimum results from your treatment.

Q. What is the recommended course, or can I have one off treatments?

A course of six to ten treatments is recommended to get clearly visible results; followed up with a regular treatment - every six to eight weeks or at a frequency you choose.

The six treatments comprise:

One treatment a week for the first two weeks, one treatment a fortnight for two sessions and then one treatment a month for the next two months. This method super charges the body's natural regeneration process and this is further enhanced with each session.

For acne scarring, we recommend one treatment a week for the first two weeks and then a treatment every fortnight following this.

A. One off treatments are great as a pick me up or if you are wanting to have glowing, fresh looking skin before a night out or special occasion. Results are available immediately and develop over 28 days. We recommend treatment a couple of days before special events.

Q. Can META Therapy be used to treat Acne?

A. META Therapy can be used to re balance the skin and is very effective in re texturising the skin / reducing the appearance of scarring. It cannot be performed when Acne is active, as it risks spreading the infection. For best results, we would recommend one of our MESOTECH packages, which are preceded by a peel and help to regulate the production of sebum.