Dermatude META Therapy
The "Facelift Alternative"
The Concept


A 100% natural innovative treatment, created by scientists to bridge the gap between beauty and surgical interventions.

Using a specialist technique combined with a range of effective ingredients, your body's cells are re programmed to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing.  It works by introducing active ingredients into the living tissue, rather than sitting on the surface as with a "regular" facial.

As a result, your body supercharges its production of collagen and elastin, whilst kick starting the lymphatic system to flush away toxins - creating plumper, firmer, tighter and re-texturisised the skin.

It is particularly effective for:

Dry Skin

Enlarged Pores/Oily Skin

Acne Scarring/Other Scars

Dark Circles /Hyperpigmentation

Wrinkles / Crow's feet

Sagging Skin


For optimal results, the concept is best used in conjunction with a homecare cosmaceutical product in range to suit your particular requirements:



Cell Recovery

Lifting & Firming

(See bottom of page for details of each range)

Home Care Products

Travel Set
Skincare Set
Oxygen Boosting Cleanser
Oxygen Boosting Toner
Hydrating Serum
Balancing Serum
Cell Recovery Serum
Balancing Cream
Cell Recovery Cream
Firming & Lifting Cream
Cell Recovery Cream
Cell Recovery Serum
Firming & Lifting Serum
Hydrating Cream
Enzyme Peel
Skin Improvement Mask
Lifting Eye Drops
Firming Eye Boost
Multi Defence SPF30 Total Sunblock
FX100 Dermatude Machine
Full Product Range
Dermatude Review
Dermatude Review
Dermatude Review
Treatments last approximately 1 hour

Face & 15 minute mask £95

Face & Neck with face mask £105

Face & Neck with face & neck mask £115

Face, Neck & Declotte with face mask £115

Face, neck & declotte with face & neck mask £125

**Complimentary hand massage with all treatments**

Dermatude Courses

Course of 6,

Paid upfront- Save 5% on the above prices 

Course of 10,

Paid upfront- Save 10% on the above prices 


Q. Is Dermatude META Therapy a safe treatment?

A. Yes. Unlike similar treatments like the Dermaroller, the Dermatude device has a flexi sprung head which moves to the contours of your face and penetrates a consistent depth into your skin to achieve maximum benefit without causing unnecessary trauma. The cartridges are sterile wrapped, single use and disposable. Treatments are undertaken in a clinically hygienic setting and the technician wears gloves and a face mask during your treatment.

Q. Can I just use my regular products with this treatment?

A. The Dermatude products are specifically designed to be safe for use straight after treatment  on "open" skin. The products contain concentrated active ingredients to help resolve your skin complaints. It is recommended to use the relevant home care product to get optimum results from your treatment.

Q. What is the recommended course, or can I have one off treatments?

A. One off treatments are great as a pick me up or if you are wanting to have glowing, fresh looking skin before a night out or special occasion. Results are available immediately and develop over 28 days. I'd recommend treatment a couple of days before special events.

A course of six treatments is recommended to get clearly visible results; followed up with a regular treatment - every six to eight weeks or at a frequency you choose.

The six treatments comprise:

One treatment a week for the first two weeks, one treatment a fortnight for two sessions and then one treatment a month for the next two months.

For acne scarring, I recommend one treatment a week for the first two weeks and then a treatment every fortnight following this.

Q. Can Dermatude be used to treat Acne?

A. Dermatude can be used to re balance the skin and is very effective in re texturising the skin/ reducing the appearance of scarring. It cannot be performed when Acne is active, as it risks spreading the infection.

Product Features

Hydrating Range

The skin is then more resilient and can protect itself better when it has a strong, healthy barrier. The barrier becomes weak and more prone to damage when the skin is low in moisture. This range contains substances which help restore your barrier function such as Vitamin C, Panthenol and Niacinamide (multitaskers).The range also contain moisturising  and moisture binding substances which improve the moisture balance in the skin by soaking in moisture like a sponge and locking it in. These ingredients include: Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone (silicone), Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Vegetable oils, Urea, Glycolic acid.

Balancing Range

A disturbed skin balance can result in irritated skin, redness, impurities, rougher skin, oily skin, breakouts or pigment spots (hyperpigmentation). This range helps to restore balance and evens skin tone with active ingredients such as Betaine, Hyaluronic Acid and Nano White. It's great for reducing the appearance of dark eye circles as well as unwanted sun damage or age spots.

Lifting & Firming Range 

Reduced production of collagen and elastin creates a loss of firmness and slackening of the skin as well as fine lines and deeper wrinkles. In addition to highly moisturising components, the range contains high quality Pepha Tight and antioxidants for a strong lifting and firming effect. It also stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity and protects against oxidative stress. It creates both immediate and prolonged skin tightening.


Cell Recovery Range

A reduction in the production of collagen and elastin can create sagging skin / a lack of firmness, plus fine lines and deep wrinkles.

In addition to highly moisturising components, this range contains Pepha Tight, Vitamins and Antioxidants, which provide an immediate and prolonged strong lifting and toning  effect. As well as improving elasticity, the products can protect against oxidative stress and improves the moisture binding capacity of the skin to combat signs of aging, dehydration and dullness. A great multipurpose range with a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Products and courses can be purchased using credit or debit card in advance, or cash in clinic. Simply contact us and we can send you a secure link to our card provider.